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Musicology Private View 21 March 2014, Paddock Studios, Lewes

The opening night of Musicology was a resounding success with 8 out of 9 works sold on the evening.  Richard Norris provided the soundtrack to the night, fantastic photographs courtesy of Xavier Dom Buendia, Lewes Arts providing the refreshments, and of course Olivia Bullock provided the visual delights!

Thank you to everyone who came and made the night a special evening.

Olivia’s next show will be in London, Spring 2015.  Please email for more details.













































Musicology new work by Olivia Bullock at Stable Gallery, Paddock Studios, Paddock Lane, Lewes BN7 1TW


Dates: 22-30 March 2014
Times: 10-5 weekends / 10-3 weekdays
Free entry

Private View: 6pm 21 March 2014 Invite Only – please contact for information

‘One of the brightest artists working in the UK at the moment. An inspiring, intelligent and playful artist who I’m sure will grow from strength to strength. Long live Liv!’ Pete Fowler, Artist

“Delicate ideas. Gorgeous colour combinations. Sharp draughtsmanship.” Tom Homewood, Artist

(c) Olivia Bullock, Anhemitonic

(c) Olivia Bullock, Anhemitonic

Musicology, an exhibition of new work by Olivia Bullock is a compelling collection of painting, collage and sculpted figures, based around the disciplines of music.

Bullocks’ work is inspired by legends, stories and traditions. Her invented beasts, masked beings, mysterious and humourous characters occupy a captivating, mythological world have already captured an audience who share her love of music, pop culture and dark stories.

This new exhibition consists of a series of images inspired by the theories of musicology. It is not a visual translation, but a response to the history, structure and narrative inherent in all genres of music, culturally and socially. Drawing inspiration from these deep rooted traditions, Bullock has created a series of gouache collages which narratively explores the themes of musicology within the realms of mythology, folklore and popular culture.

The sculptures appear in an almost trance like state. unconsciously transported by music into an emotional solitude. Like her illustrations, the sculptures inhabit a dark and mysterious world. They have an intimacy and a living presence, yet they are inanimate and ‘unreal’, charismatic, yet flawed.

The venue is a new exhibition space at Paddock Studios, a working artist studios underneath the Castle in the historic market town of Lewes, Sussex, from 22-30 March 2014.

After completing a BA (hons) fine art painting, Kingston upon Thames University, 1998 Olivia Bullock worked at Central St Martins College of Art & Design before becoming a freelance fashion illustrator. She works as an artist and lives in Lewes with her partner and two children.

(c) Olivia Bullock, Melody

(c) Olivia Bullock, Melody


Spectrum Logo

Spectrum Logo


Thank you to the sponsors of Musicology: Spectrum Photography fine art printers

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