Orna Schneerson Pascal at the Chalk Gallery

Orna Schneerson Pascal is the featured artist for May at the Chalk Gallery.  Her private view is today: Saturday 10th May 2 till 4.30pm.

Having lived and studied in Paris and London, Orna moved to Brighton in 2001, exhibiting as part of the Open Houses every year during the May and Christmas festivals and has been a member of the Chalk Gallery since November 2012.

Her uplifting paintings embody life, energy and optimism.

Orna says “It’s spring time again. Nature springs to life and so do my paintings, which reflect themes close to my heart. Many of them deal with subjects that revolve around the themes of regeneration, renewal and rebirth. In particular, I am attracted to the renewal of nature: the seasons, plants and blossom.

Orna fish montageThe paintings that I have chosen portray these themes. The “Tree of Life” expresses the eternal stability of the tree but also new beginnings and opportunities symbolised by the growth and regeneration of nature through branches and roots that reach out. For these paintings I have chosen a background of circles that symbolise completion. The tree of life also relates to the concept of the family with deep roots, forever expanding and changing.

Similarly the fish, “Cycle of Life” depict a powerful force of nature through the swirl of the fish with their vibrant colours, moving around in a circle that relates to the circle of life that forever regenerates itself.”

(with thanks to Chalk Gallery)

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